Staff Development Services

                Reduce your employee turnover and improve your staff!!

Welcome to John Beane's Staff Development Services!

We provide clients with employee assessment, organizational assessment, employment assessments, training to improve hiring and promoting practices, human resource consulting, process improvement, and management training.

Everyone is good at something!

But none of us are good at everything. The trick is figuring out what we do well and finding the best people to help us in the areas we don't do well.

If hiring really good people for your firm is proving to be a bit puzzling, then let us do for you what we do well -- matching the right person to the right job. We can reduce your frustrations with perhaps one of the most painful parts of your job - finding good people.

Our clients' feedback and continued use of our services is the most effective way for us to inform you of our ability to match the right person to the right job.

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For nearly 20 years we have helped clients assess, place and develop people to achieve the optimum staff. We do this using the Johnbeane Hiring Report, Coaching Report, or through customized consulting services. We specialize in staff development for businesses including employee interviews, employment assessments, or organizational assessments.

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